Arise and Shine


About Us

Arise and Shine Children’s Home was founded in July 2005. Since its beginning and despite frequent testing times, Arise and Shine has steadily grown, bearing witness to God’s goodness and many children’s lives have been both spared and transformed.  From its tentative beginnings, the home is now well established and fully registered with the Kenyan Government and Provincial Children’s Welfare Department.
The ongoing work of Arise and Shine also enables it to provide support to the neighbouring community by employing local staff and buying local produce.

The children are brought to us via the Children’s Welfare Department and are signed over to our care by the Kenyan courts.

When the children first arrive they are often barefooted with no other belongings other then the rags in which they are standing.  We initially provide them with two sets of clothes, one for Sunday best and the other for everyday use. Those that are old enough are also provided with a school uniform and equipment and have their school fees paid to enable them to attend the local school.  Some require extra tuition as academically they are so far behind their peers - an education is a privilege that few had previously been able to afford. In addition, we aim to provide the opportunity to learn relevant skills as they approach adulthood to enable them to become self-supporting, capable of competing in a global market.

They are now part of a large family, sharing a bedroom with children of the same sex and similar age.  They enjoy their food together around the table, especially those who have never tasted meat before and many soon start to put on weight more appropriate to their age.  The condition of their skin and hair noticeably improves as they benefit from eating a balanced diet Some of which is now grown or reared by us on rented land.

Where possible, we encourage links with any living relatives.  This is done primarily through arranging regular ‘Open Days’ when relatives can visit, but also by return visits home during the Christmas school holidays. Maintaining communication in this way has resulted in some children being able to return to their families once their home situations have altered significantly and in specific cases, ongoing support has then been offered to the family.